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Hi, I’m Bailey, the Event Planner for the Global Goals Council. My personal passion is sustainability and social entrepreneurship. In line with my interests,  I run my own non-profit enterprise called “reBooked” - an online second-hand bookstore that promotes a circular economy for books. I am also on the Habitat for Humanity Executive Team and I enjoy making a difference both locally and globally. This school year, I’m looking forward to being a changemaker within the CDNIS community, as well as the wider HK community!

Bailey - Event Planner

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Hello everybody! I’m Lara and I am the Marketer for the GGC Council (GIN). Given this opportunity, I will be aiming to use a variety of social media platforms/online communication outlets to advocate for the efforts that the Global Goals Clubs have been diligently making. By being a part of the governing body of the majority of CDNIS’ clubs, I hope to make a lasting contribution to the wider community.

Lara - Marketer

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Hi! I’m Bella, the Administrator for the GGC Council. I am passionate about advocating for underprivileged Thalassemia patients (a rare hereditary blood disorder) and helping to promote social justice. I hope to apply my experience in serving the community with the GGC Council locally and globally, as well as promoting student engagement in working towards the 17 UN SDGs.

Bella  - Administrator

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Hey there! My name is Mr Schulte and I oversee Local and Global Engagement programs at CDNIS, including our Global Goals Clubs. We are hopeful that this first-ever, Hong Kong-based and student-led SDG summit will plant a seed for collaborative and impactful initiatives long into the future. Thanks for joining us!

Matthew Schulte - Coordinator of Local and Global Engagement 

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My name is Mr. Lee and I've been an advisor to the GGC council for the past 3 years. This year has been challenging to work towards the SDGs. We created this event in hopes that we can come together as a community to action. I truly believe that the work we do together will make the world a better place. I encourage all students to be a part of this summit and make a difference!

Greg Lee - Advisor

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What is the Global Goals Council?

Global Goals Council (formerly known as ‘GIN’) @ CDNIS’ mission is to guide GG clubs in their efforts to promote awareness of local and international issues, help students develop a sense of stewardship and inspire them to create solutions for problems, and take action at a variety of scales.


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